Paddle With Your PUP


Because dogs deserve to be happy too!! 

Last year we introduced "Paddle With Your Pup". A way to experience paddle boarding with your favourite furry friend!

It is a really rewarding experience and great fun! It offers many benefits, including:

Exercise - Paddle boarding is a great workout for you and your dog. Like humans, dogs engage their core and leg muscles to balance on the board. 

Bonding Experience - Make no mistake - your dog just wants to hang out with you and enjoys doing the things you like doing!  This includes exploring the open waters, swimming and watching the local wildlife! It allows you to spend quality time together without any distractions!

Mental stimulation - Being out on the water means lots of new things to see and smell! 

Relaxation - Just like us, dogs can get stressed and anxious. The peace and tranquility of the water can help them relax. Especially if they feel you totally relaxed!

So whether you are new to paddle boarding, and want to learn with your dog or a regular paddle boarder and not quite sure where to begin - in getting your four legged friend, used to the paddle board - we are here to help! With a mixture of positive reinforcement, games and treats, you will be creating cherished memories in no time!

Get in touch to find out more. Please note, that we don't run sessions with dogs in July and August due to the intense heat.

Cost per person €60.00 euros
Payment can be made on the day by cash

Here's what one of our happy customers had to say about their experience:

My girlfriend and I had a great paddle boarding course with our dog today. I contacted them about the possibilities of going supping with our dog, which at this time is not one of the usual options, and they were really helpful to look for the best option to make this work.

Safety measures were discussed such as a life-jacket for the dog and the best time of day to do the course so that the heat wouldn't be as bad.

It was the first time for our dog Rafa as well as our first time using a paddle board. We started out by going through the basics while our dog watched to familiarise him with us being on the boards and water. Afterwards we got him accustomed to the board and took him for a couple short laps around the bay area.

He really enjoyed it and we did as well. Instructions and help were very clear. A lot of treats were also present to make it as rewarding for Rafa as possible as well. We really recommend reaching out for information if you are looking into taking your dog paddle boarding as well!

If you would like to find out more, for the fastest response, please send us a Whatsapp

+34 682 735 298

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