Port De Pollenca at sunrise

Port De Pollenca


No other resort in Mallorca, exudes the charm and character of the seaside town of Port De Pollenca. We may be biased - after all this is the place we call home, but this former fishing village is simply timeless. 

Located in the north of the island, Port De Pollenca nestles in the upper most corner of the Bay Of Pollenca (Bahia De Pollenca). Its geography provides a stunning backdrop. The Serra De Tramuntana Mountains (a UNESCO World Heritage site) stand tall and proud behind the resort. These mountains help to protect the resort from the winds that can be more prevalent in the north. 

The bay is lined with golden sands and an eclectic array of watercraft can be found moored in the calm waters . You will find everything from rowing boats and jet skies, to RIBS, and sail boats. The ‘llaüts’ - traditional Mallorcan fishing boats, are still used by the locals to this day. The marina boasts a collection of power craft and super yachts.

In terms of gastronomy, there is a selection of food to suit every palate. Many of the restaurants and hotels have stood the test of time and remain in - and run by the family. They have existed since the 1940’s when tourism started to creep in to the bay.

Unlike other Spanish resorts, that have suffered from over development and the darker side of tourism, Port De Pollenca looks and feels as authentic as it did 40 years ago. It remains a firm favourite as a family resort due to its calm waters and distinct lack of nightclubs. It also attracts activity seekers, who can sail, paddle, swim cycle or walk to their hearts content.

It is a huge draw for the creatives as well. The Port can count writer Agatha Christie and artists such as Boveri and Camarasa amongst its more famous visitors and residents. 

If you have a love for the ocean and water based activities, there are a multitude of options available to you. Whatever pace you like to take things, there will be something to suit. If you like it leisurely, take a boat trip with The Tudor Dawn where you will be in the hospitable hands of Simon and Susie. Alternatively, if you would like to flex your flippers, why not channel your inner mermaid or merman. The guys and gals at Tramuntana Diving can take you to some of the most amazing SCUBA diving spots on the island. Equally, if you want to feel the true wonderment of peace and inner calm Freedive Mallorca will be able to teach you the ancient art of freediving and static apnea.

Finally - if you want to glide across the ocean, like the Polynesians all those hundreds of years ago, come and experience the "Spirit Of Aloha" with the Mallorca SUP Company. With our personalised and intimate paddle boarding experience, you will create memories that will last a life time. We offer beginner lessons at our SUP Academy, which will teach you everything you need to know about stand up paddle. We can also help you grow your confidence on the water with our improver sessions. Perhaps you would like to take one of our guided tours around the coves and the bay. Its here that you will be able to see wildlife above and below the water, as well as experiencing the ultimate in mindfulness, as you explore your blue mind, as you let the sea set you free.