Mallorca Sup Co owner Hannah Garber

Meet The Team

Meet the team behind The Mallorca SUP Co


Take a board on the wild side with Hannah. She has had a passionate love of the ocean since early childhood. She has also been an ocean ambassador for longer than she can remember. Hannah has travelled the world in pursuit of her passion and is a vocal supporter of the ocean and ocean initiatives. Her particular interest is in marine mammal conservation and fighting plastic pollution.

Over the years Hannah has grown a community of like minded individuals and not only teaches the sport of paddle boarding, but also a whole spectrum of skills. This includes how to read the weather and tides, environmental impact and the positive effects emotionally and physically of  connecting with nature and increasing your "blue mind" by being in, on or under the water.


Maite Gonzalez is a sports and personal fitness trainer with 12 years industry experience. She has dedicated her career to helping others reach their full fitness potential, by taking time to understand her clients individual needs and motivation - and coaching them both physically and mentally.

Her area of speciality is helping clients improve their overall fitness, through weight loss, increased strength, stamina and flexibility.  

This is achieved with short but very intense interval training, using body weight, props such as stretch bands and weights. She has now adapted and curated a fitness program, specifically designed for exercise on paddle boards. Mai Flow™ Training has been enjoyed by many this summer and continues to grow in popularity!

Maite's positive attitude, glowing smile and infectiously happy personality all add to this unique and enjoyable experience.


BSUPA (British Stand Up Paddle Board Association)

Qualified Instructor

RYA First Aid (Marine Specific)

RYA Level 2 Power Boat

Life long thalasophile


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