Meet The Team

Meet The Team Behind The Mallorca SUP Co

Hannah Louise Garber aka Hannadora The Explorer aka Ocean Child, has had a passionate love of the ocean since early childhood and has been an ocean advocate for longer than she can remember. Family stories recount the endless hours spent in, on or under the water and this to date has never changed. She has been coming to the Island of Mallorca since the age of five and considers the place to be her home.

She has travelled the world in pursuit of her passion and has been a vocal supporter of the ocean and ocean initiatives, taking particular interest in marine mammals - specifically cetaceans (dolphins, whales and porpoises) and sea turtles. Her love of the ocean has also extended to her numerous hobbies which have included sea swimming, surfing, waterskiing, wind surfing and of course paddle boarding.

Having successfully launched and run a paddle board company in the UK, she has grown a community of like minded individuals. She not only teaches the sport of paddle boarding, but also a whole spectrum of skills. She passes on a wealth of experience to her clients including how to read the weather and the tides, environmental impact and the emotional and physical impact of  connecting with nature and specifically the ocean on your "Blue Mind".


BSUPA (British Stand Up Paddle Board Association)

Qualified Instructor

RYA First Aid (Marine Specific)

RYA Level 2 Power Boat

Life long thalasophile


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