Paddle Board Rentals


The Mallorca SUP Company offers paddle board rentals by the hour. You can find us behind the Pine Walk,  just a short walk from the centre of the Port. Look for Bar Coral and you cant miss us!

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During peak season (May - September), we get very busy, so would encourage you to contact us in advance to book your paddle boards.

Rentals are available from 6.30 am and the last booking is 12.30 pm. Please bear in mind that thermal winds are stronger after 11.00. This makes conditions much harder.  Boards must be returned by 1.30 pm, so if you wish to paddle longer it is best to go earlier! Also, it's worth noting that from 10.30 onwards, paddle boards are not permitted in the "swim areas" allocated by the local council. You can however paddle in the boat lanes. We will advise you on the areas that it is permitted to paddle, when you collect your board. 

Children under 11 and under will not be able to take a board on their own, but can share with an adult.

PBA’s (personal buoyancy aids are available upon request. 

If you have no experience, please tell us beforehand, and we will give you a short briefing on the equipment and basic techniques to keep you safe. This is by no means a substitute for a lesson. 

Rental Price €20.00 per hour - per board.

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to charge an additional €5.00 euros per board, if they are returned to us, heavily soiled with sand and / or suntan creams and lotions. This is due to the ongoing water shortages that we are experiencing here in Mallorca. As a business, it is vitally important to us that we respect nature and remain as eco friendly as possible. This includes minimum, or no abuse of natural resources.

If you would like to find out more, for the fastest response, please send us a Whatsapp

+34 682 735 298

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