For The Love Of The Ocean

Consider this. Why do you love the ocean? What is it that keeps you coming back for more? When you are stood gazing at the ever moving horizon, breathing in the salty air … ask yourself the following questions ..

Do you have fond memories you have, growing up as a child, building sandcastles and splashing around in the sea?

Are you filled with joy when you watch all the amazing creatures on The Blue Planet? 

Perhaps you swim in the sea, or skim the crest of the waves, with the spray and offshore wind in your face?

Do you glide gracefully across its surface on a paddle board? Or do you dive, deep into the watery underworld to explore the wrecks and nooks and crannies on the ocean floor?

Maybe it offers you comfort when your mind is screaming at you? Does it offer you calm in an otherwise loud and scary world?

Do you photograph it? Film it? Paint it? Create art from the many treasures - man made or otherwise, left behind on the rise and fall, of every tide?

Are you a sailor, crossing the great expanse chasing dawn and her glorious sunrises - or basking in the golden glow of uninterrupted sunsets?

Do you research it so that others can learn how to look after it with care and understanding?

Are you a citizen scientist .... collecting trash, taking pictures, counting sea birds and documenting your finds?

Are you an ocean advocate? A warrior, dedicating your life to the continued well being of The Big Blue, so that we can continue to appreciate the wonder and beauty of this living, breathing, ever changing life form?

For me the answer is easy. It’s my sanctuary. Its my church - it’s where i heal my hurts and find my solace. It's where I get my inspiration and my zest for life. It’s everything I have listed above and so much more.

If any of those statements resonate, then come and join me on the water, where we can share our passion for Big Blue. And if you haven't yet experienced the freedom and bliss, time on the water can bring, let me guide you, teach you and be part of your journey. I promise you wont ever look back!

Maluhia a me ke aloha


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